EFF vows to remove Morocco from AU

EFF vows to remove Morocco from AU

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the Embassy of Morocco does not belong in South Africa.

EFF supporters outside Morocco Embassy
Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile


EFF members picketed outside the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Pretoria on Thursday, against what the party calls the illegal occupation of Western Sahara.


The party’s secretary-general Godrich Gardee addressed supporters.


“They are oppressing our people. They are the new Europe that is colonizing African people. Their embassy does not belong in the soul of the people of South Africa. The EFF government is going to close this embassy come 2019 elections when we take over from the ANC.”


The Polisario Front in Western Sahara has been fighting for independence from Morocco since 1975.

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Party leader Julius Malema was this week sworn in as a member of the Pan-Africanist Parliament, which is the legislative body of the African Union (AU).


Gardee told supporters that Morocco does not belong in the AU.


“The heads of state of Africa who are in the AU are so useless. They allowed Morocco to walk in and become a member state, an organization Morocco showed the middle finger in 1984 thinking the whites will accept them in Copenhagen. Now they want to sit in the Pan-Africanist Parliament, our commander-in-chief is there. We are going to expel them,” he said.


He says the AU cannot allow African countries to oppress other African nations.


At the same time Gardee also sent a warning to Swaziland.


“Swaziland must beware, we will still come for them because it is the only undemocratic country with an absolute monarch that is still remaining in the shores of this world. We must teach them a lesson, that the struggle of our people in South Africa for economic freedom is not complete until the people of the world are also free,”


The Embassy of Morocco declined to comment.


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