Eskom woes increase amid heavy rain

Eskom woes increase amid heavy rain

The incessant rain in Gauteng over the past couple of days has resulted in flooding at a number of Eskom power stations.


A week of persistent heavy rainfall in the province has caused an increased number of unplanned breakdowns at the cash-strapped power utility.

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As a result, Eskom has upgraded load shedding on Monday from Stage 2 to Stage 4 between the hours of 10:00 until 23:00 due to wet coal.

Eskom spokesperson Dikatso Mothae says the persistent rains has created even more challenges for the already embattled power utility.

“While we have planned for rain over the rainy season as part of our strategy, there is currently incessant rain which is creating flooding.

“You have water going into areas where it shouldn’t be and as you know some of our mines are open cast mines, we have problems there with contractors with our coal. It's quite a challenge currently and certainly if rains persists and more flooding happens then it creates a bigger problem for us.”

But the utility says there are strategies in place to deal with the significant amount of wet coal.

“We will keep South Africans informed about the status of the electricity system and our recovery efforts throughout this period,” Mothae says.

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