EXCLUSIVE: Vlok's face-to-face apology to Mbeki family

EXCLUSIVE: Vlok's face-to-face apology to Mbeki family

The apartheid-era Minister of Law and Order, Adriaan Vlok, has apologised in person for hurting the Mbeki family.

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Maryke Vermaak

He met with former president Thabo Mbeki's brother Moeletsi today at his Johannesburg offices to make amends.

This comes after the former minister phoned in to Jacaranda FM's The Complimentary Breakfast last week during an interview with Mbeki and announced he would like to see him face-to-face to apologise.

The two men emerged from the office this afternoon, thanking each other and parting ways with a friendly handshake.

Speaking to Jacaranda FM News afterwards, Vlok said as a Christian he needs to reconcile.

"Personally I have never hurt them during my time as a minister... fact of the matter is I was actively involved in apartheid and in enforcing apartheid and this has hurt them deeply..."

Vlok said forgiveness and reconciliation are personal matters, and he had to make this apology in person.   

"So I have been here today to do exactly this, to say to him I'm sorry for what I did under apartheid to hurt you and your family."


Mbeki declined to comment, saying this is Vlok's initiative.

(Photos and videos by Maryke Vermaak)

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