FEDUSA: Eskom should be placed under business rescue

FEDUSA: 'Eskom should be placed under business rescue'

The Federation of Union South Africa (FEDUSA) says embattled power utility Eskom should be placed under business rescue.


This comes after the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) proposed that Eskom's debt be reduced by using government pension fund savings.

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FEDUSA acting General Secretary, Riefdah Ajam, says saving Eskom should not come at the expense of workers. 

"We are opposed to the notion of a right-off. Instead, we are calling for Eskom to be placed under business rescue, in essence we're very cognisant of and we are aware of the situation right now." 

She adds that they are now focusing on municipalities failing to pay their electricity bills and described as the biggest concern for the embattled power utility. 

"The action we are talking about is class action, not legal action and that class action is specifically directed at the municipalities that are continuing to default from paying their monthly tariff hikes."


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