Finetown residents take to the streets

Finetown residents take to the streets

Residents of Finetown, south of Johannesburg, have taken to the streets in a service delivery protest.

Finetown protest_jacanews
Photo: Maryke Vermaak

Police have fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters trying to make their way to the Golden Highway.

Police have been pelted with stones and bottles.

Traffic is flowing in the area as police maintain a heavy presence.

Resident Muzi Gumbi says people want freestanding houses, because the area is too crowded.

"We are appealing to government. If they can come and listen to our grievances, maybe they can come up with a solution. If government doesn't come, everything is going to stay like this," says Gumbi.

Gumbi says even though he is not part of the protest, he  is affected.

"People who are not part of this are the ones who are affected. Our children, our mothers...they need to go to work. We can't even go and buy bread," says Gumbi.

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