‘First signs’ of fourth Covid-19 wave in Gauteng - expert

‘First signs’ of fourth Covid-19 wave in Gauteng - expert

Public health experts are studying the number of Covid-19 infections in Gauteng to determine if the province has entered the fourth wave. 

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At least 70% of new infections are from Gauteng.

Professor Bruce Mellado, a Wits professor, senior scientist, and head of the provincial government’s Covid-19 Medical Advisory Committee, says they are busy analysing the data. 

"We are abstaining from declaring the fourth wave because we are still collecting a lot of information and data that is critical to analysing where we really are as a province. Once we have conclusive evidence that these stats are the signs of a fourth wave, we will certainly announce that.

"It is evident that the likelihood of these numbers maybe being a reflection of a fourth wave coming is high. I don't want to say there is no fourth wave, to the contrary, this may be the first signs of a fourth wave," said Mallado.

He said they encourage those who have not been vaccinated to get jabbed before the province hits a peak. 

 "Typically, It takes about two months between the first signs of the wave and the wave reaching the peak, this gives us some time to get ready for the peak.”

Mallado warns the fourth wave could carry on through the festive season and the numbers will continue to rise. 

He said the fourth wave will be different from the previous one.  

Experts will soon be able to analyse the length of the peak, which will, in turn, allow policymakers to decide what kinds of restrictions are needed to curb the infection rate.


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