Forensics team, detectives probing deadly Mariannhill shootout

Forensics team, detectives probing deadly Mariannhill shootout

A forensics team and detectives are combing an area in and around a homestead in Mariannhill west of Durban, where nine suspects were killed in a gun battle with police. 

Mariannhill Police shootout
Nushera Soodyal

Officers cordoned off the area on Nerina Road.

Information continues to stream in about the gang of nine suspects that were killed in a shootout with police early this morning.

KZN spokesperson Robert Netshiunda told Newswatch on the scene that the group was wanted in connection with the gang rape of a woman from this area as well as several violent crimes.

Officials who've been talking to the community say this street has been considered a no-go zone since these gangs moved into the homestead here. 

The community even pointed out several empty homes, saying residents moved away out of fear. Earlier, Netshiunda confirmed that detectives had been after this group and got warned that they were about to conduct a hit on Wednesday. 

They decided to act, first arriving at the wrong home. 

Suspects opened fire from the homestead next door, and police retaliated, killing nine of them. Members of the forensic team have so far recovered three guns and continued to make their way through the scene.

The bodies of the suspects were still inside the home. 


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