Fund created to help Pauw's legal battles

Fund created to help Pauw's legal battles

A legal defence fund has been established for The President's Keepers author, Jacques Pauw.

Jacques Pauw

The fund will pay for fees and expenses relating to any criminal or civil legal action against Pauw.

The non-profit donation platform will be administered by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) and will be funded by public donations.

Pauw's explosive book, detailing alleged tax evasion by President Jacob Zuma as well as other criminal activities by high-profile officials, have led to institutions like the South African Revenue Service (SARS) threatening to take legal action. 

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The MMA's Thandi Smith says the fund call on South Africans whom want to protect the right to freedom of expression to donate money.

"We calling for any sort of donations, as small or large as possible from members of the public. Anyone interested in contributing to the fight against freedom of expression, press freedom, threat to our journalist. We are asking that people remain anonymous."

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Smith says Pauw and the publisher are faced with many legal threats as part of "a relentless campaign of intimidation".

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