Hammanskraal water crisis violates human rights: #NotInMyName

Hammanskraal water crisis violates human rights: #NotInMyName

The #NotInMyName civil society group has described the water crises in Hammanskraal as a social injustice.

Image courtesy: Jacaranda FM News

Hammanskraal north of Tshwane has been without water three weeks now. 


Water supply to the area was restored this week but is still not safe to drink. 


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Residents in the area say the water still has the trace of nitrates and phosphates, which is harmful to the human body.

#NotInMyName’s Themba Masango says the water crises in the area violates fundamental human rights.


“We cannot sit by and say this is not up our street -  we need to get together and pull resources from different communities and alleviate help,” says Masango.


Masango says even though the City of Tshwane has released a statement claiming the water crisis in the area is over, parts in the region are still without water.


“With the little water that we have, we will assist those that we have.”


#NotInMyName has called on South African who can to donate water, to help the residents of Hammanskraal.

SAHRC lashes Tshwane over failure to pitch for Hammanskraal water meeting

The commission says the city failed to honour its request to be accompanied by a city official during an inspection of Temba Purification Plant in Hammanskraal, north of Tshwane. The commission embarked on yet another water inspection in Stinkwater and Hammanskraal on Thursday.

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