Increasing calls for decisive action on farm attacks

Increasing calls for decisive action on farm attacks

A number of farmers and South Africans have taken to social media calling for unity in the plight against attacks on farmers and their workers.

Farm South Africa

Videos are doing the rounds of farmers telling of friends that they have lost while the Afrikaans comedian Rikus de Beer, known as Jonathan from Radioraps also recorded a video.

"Even an idiot like me can see that what is going on in South Africa with the farm murders and the brutal execution of farmers and farm workers is not right," he says during a live Facebook broadcast.

The comedian also called for international support saying he doesn't believe a domestic political solution is possible.

Police minister Fikile Mbalula recently said after the release of the greatest crime statistics police do not differentiate between farm attacks and other violent crimes, but acknowledged the seriousness of the matter.

The absence of detailed figures lead to a stir in parliament, with the Freedom Front Plus' Pieter Groenewald saying police made a commitment in 2016 to provide those statistics.

Groenewald later wrote in an article that police had provided him with the figures writing "Farm murders increased with 27,5% and farm attacks with 22,9%".

Groenewald says there were 74 farm murders and 638 farm attacks during the 2016/ 17 financial year, according to figures given to him by police.

Black Monday farmers

Meanwhile, those who sympathise with the plight of farmers have been called on to wear black on Monday 30 October. 

The image has already received more than 23 000 shares on Facebook.

AgriSA released a statement on Thursday saying it fully supports the awareness campaign as saying it is time that the public and government take notice of these attacks.

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