It was not Zondo’s place to respond to Sisulu, says EFF

It was not Zondo’s place to respond to Sisulu, says EFF

The EFF has entered the spat between Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.. 

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The party says it believes Zondo should not have responded to Sisulu’s criticism of the judiciary.

Zondo held a press briefing on Wednesday to respond to an opinion piece written by Sisulu, in which she questions the rule of law in South Africa and the role of black judges.

Zondo said Sisulu’s remarks were not criticisms but rather an unsubstantiated attack on the judiciary.

But the EFF has warned Zondo not to involve himself in an election battle within the ANC.

“It was not Zondo's place to respond to the Minister, because she is far better placed to assess the social and political conditions in this country as someone tasked with that responsibility.

"She has therefore in her political assessment, factored in the shortfalls of the judiciary in economic, social and political change in the country.

"The response by Zondo is therefore not only a waste of our collective time, it is misguided, misplaced and only serves to prejudice Minister Sisulu and those who hold a public place in our society, who may hold similar views as her,” said the party in a statement.

The party says he is attempting to stifle Sisulu's political commentary because “it is opposed to his vested interests in assuming the Office of the Chief Justice".

"By responding to Minister Sisulu through a press conference, Zondo has effectively ruled himself out of ever presiding on matters that involve or relate to the Minister as a Government Official, Member of Parliament or private individual."


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