Joburg council elects new speaker

Joburg council elects new speaker

Nonceba Molwele, a member of the African National Congress (ANC), has been elected unopposed as the new speaker of council in Johannesburg.

Nonceba Molwele Jhb Speaker

The ANC in Johannesburg forged ahead with plans to elect the speak earlier despite claims from the Democratic Alliance (DA) that the removal of former speaker Vasco da Gama was illegal.

Last week, the ANC's Geoff Makhubo was elected as the new mayor of Johannesburg.

Shortly thereafter, the council voted in a motion of no confidence against Da Gama.

ANC regional secretary Dada Morero says they welcome the appointment of the new speaker.

"The speaker of council was elected today at the majority of 136 and required by the rules of council," says Dada.

"In as far as the ANC is concerned, the process was done within the law. The ANC followed the law of council to the letter."

Dada adds that the DA and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) neglected their duty to Johannesburg residents by boycotting the council sitting.

Despite both the DA and the EFF boycotting Wednesday's meeting, the city council managed to reach a quorum and pass the vote.

"It is only regrettable that the Democratic Alliance ad the EFF chose not to attend council and boycotted council today."

The DA's Mike Moriarty says the party will seek legal opinion on the matter.


"We note that the council has met to take this action. We are of the view that council met illegally but we are going to take advise and we are going to consult."


Moriarty also revealed that two DA councillors, including Basil Douglas, attended the sitting to help reach quorum.


He vowed action would also be take against both councillors.


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