Joburg speed cameras still not functioning

Joburg speed cameras still not functioning

The speed cameras in the city of Johannesburg are still not operational after the service provider contract ended in 2021. 

A speed camera on the side of a road
A speed camera on the side of a road/Unsplash Website

This means motorists who have been exceeding the prescribed speed limit and were not captured are off the hook. 

In April, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) confirmed that its traffic speed cameras have not been working for almost a year. 

 This after the contract with the service provider ended on 31 May 2021, costing the city nearly R3 million per month in revenue collected from speed fines. 

The City of Johannesburg's public safety department spokesperson, Karabo Seane says the city is still in a process of appointing a new service provider.


"The process now is out of our office; it is under adjudication. The tender was advertised back in February for the speed camera and now the processes are underway by our supply chain management department," says Seane. 

The Automobile Association (AA)’’s spokesperson Layton Beard, says it is concerning that the cameras are not working.  

"Deterrence is a very important part of traffic law enforcement and if cameras aren't working, then motorists will unfortunately begin to develop an attitude that there aren't consequences to bad behaviour and to flouting the rules of the road, and that certainly a huge worry,” he says.  

“We would like to see these cameras operational as soon as possible in addition to increased visibility of traffic law enforcement and a higher priority being placed on effective consequences for the flouting of traffic regulations."


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