Kuga safe to drive: Ford

Kuga safe to drive: Ford

Ford SA has reassured its customers that the Ford Kuga is safe to drive.

Ford press briefing
Photo: Slindelo Masikane

The company has announced a safety recall of the Ford Kuga 1.6 SUV, following several instances where the SUVs had burst into flames. 

Ford says it is aware of 39 incidents.

Overheating has been identified as the cause for the engine fires.

Ford SA CEO Jeff Nemeth says owners of the SUV must take their cars to the dealership immediately.

"The next stage of the safety recall will make the cooling system even more robust. I want to stress that with the safety action and with proper maintenance of the integrity of the cooling system, the 1.6 Kuga is safe to drive," says Nemeth.

Over 4500 cars manufactured between 2012 and 2014 are affected. 

Nemeth, however, insists the overheating of the engine wasn't the cause of 33-year old Reshall Jimmy's death. 

He died when his Ford Kuga caught fire while on holiday in December 2015.

"All investigating parties have ruled out an engine compartment fire," says Nemeth.

Jimmy's family is expected to brief the media today.

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