[LISTEN] Coping with stress, anxiety during the COVID-19 lockdown

[LISTEN] Coping with stress, anxiety during the COVID-19 lockdown

Many South Africans are dealing with stress and anxiety induced by the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and the 21-day lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.


Kelly-Jean Gilbert, a freelance, hair and makeup artist says the loss of her income is taking a toll on her.


"Before the shutdown was announced all my work was canceled. I went from a comfortable stream of income to absolutely zero, so the financial insecurity is huge. We have put my home on the market, myself and my son have had to move in with my boyfriend," says Gilbert.

Listen to Gibert below:

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Nandi Jeke, a mother who now works from home as a coach, says she worries about her daughter.


"What scares me the most, is if it was to ever touch my child, she would have to go on this journey without me, be with a hospital without me. That was freaking me out. The virus touching anyone I love or people who are vulnerable and cannot do anything for themselves," says Jeke. 


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Psychiatrist, Dr. Chane Magnus says private mental healthcare professionals have come together to ensure that their services are available.


"The most important thing is for those who are not coping to get into contact with a healthcare provider. Many of us provide telephonic and virtual support. I also want to remind people to remain calm and have a routine during the lockdown," says Magnus. 


Listen to Magnus below: 


The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) has launched a daily Facebook Expert Chat from 1pm-2pm for free expert advice on any question related to mental health during the lockdown.

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