[LISTEN] Zuma: We don’t need war to redistribute land

[LISTEN] Zuma: We don’t need war to redistribute land

Former president Jacob Zuma has called on the country’s leaders to urgently find an amicable solution to the unequal distribution of land.

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“It doesn’t need another war, it needs correction,” said Zuma on Thursday.

He delivered a memorial lecture for former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in KwaZulu-Natal.


He said the burning issue of land cannot be avoided and methods to share land with the poor must be found.


“I believe that we have the majority to do so. We are not using our majority to correcting things smoothly. At times we are busy scratching one another, fighting with one another – for sweet nothing, for our poverty.”

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Zuma believes land is one of the most crucial methods to uplift the more than 50% of the population currently living in extreme poverty.


He said he received flack during his tenure as statesman over his strategies to ensure a better future for those living in poverty.


“One of the problems I faced, I wanted to quicken the process of changing the position of a poor black person in South Africa.”

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