Mbete opens debate on gender-based violence

Mbete opens debate on gender-based violence

Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete has called for unity in the fight against gender-based violence and violence against children.

Baleka Mbete ar ROC on coalitions
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Baleka has opened a debate on gender-based violence in Diepkloof, Soweto.

Baleka called on especially young South Africans to not ignore gender-based violence.

She says violence against women and children should not get them down.

"When we kill each other, it's a disease. It shows that there is something very wrong in society," says Mbete.

Mbete says for citizens to understand the cause of the problem, South Africans must take the socio-economic conditions of communities into account.

"Who are these killers? It's not people who come from outside, it is people who live in the communities. If we come together we can tackle this issue. If we work with the police we can catch those who are criminals," says Mbete.

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