Women remain vulnerable, says Susan Shabangu

Women remain vulnerable, says Susan Shabangu

Minister for Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu on Wednesday said women remained vulnerable and that such perceptions needed to be eradicated to change the attitudes of men.

Susan Shabangu

Briefing journalists ahead of her department's budget vote in Parliament, Shabangu sought to address criticism of her remarks on Karabo Mokoena - the young woman who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend before being set alight in April.


In an interview with eNCA, the minister was quoted as saying: "While Karabo came across as very strong, internally she was weak; hence she became a victim of women abuse and she tried to deal with her situation in sharing with other abused women; she ended up being a victim of abuse."


On Wednesday, the minister would not address calls for her to withdraw the statement, rather altering her stance, saying women were "vulnerable".


"I just want to say, Karabo was vulnerable. Karabo was in a relationship where she thought it would work for her but it led to unfortunately the death of her," Shabangu said.


"You must also know I am a mother. I am a woman. I grew up in the township and I understand the pain, the pride of a woman, so there's no way in which I can judge any situation without me understanding the pain and hurt it comes with that situation …it's within that context that women become victims because they are vulnerable."

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