McDonald's to demolish 'Store No. 1' historic replica

McDonald's to demolish 'Store No. 1' historic replica

It has stood alone, closed to visitors, for a decade -- a historic replica built on the site of the first McDonald's franchise restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines. 


The fast food giant on Tuesday said it will demolish the time capsule from a past American era. 

The sign outside advertises 15-cent hamburgers -- just as it would have in 1955, when the company's founder Ray Kroc opened "Store No. 1." 

It was his first franchised restaurant after buying the brand from owners Richard and Maurice McDonald. 

The company recreated the store 30 years later as a museum -- complete with red and white tile, and mannequins in original McDonald's outfits. 

The Chicago Tribune newspaper remembered it as a popular tourist destination.

Frequent flooding closed the attraction to visitors in 2008, but onlookers can still peek in through the building's windows. 

At least, for a little while longer.

McDonald's said it is seeking a demolition permit this week to end "Store No. 1" for good.

"This property in Des Plaines will always have a special place in our company's history," McDonald's said in a statement, adding that the building's location and "feasibility to reopen and maintain it led us to this decision."

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