Mkhize denies 'Kwezi' allegations

Mkhize denies 'Kwezi' allegations

The ANC Treasurer-General Zweli Mkhize has denied that he tried to convince Fezekile 'Kwezi' Kuzwayo to drop rape charges against President Jacob Zuma back in 2006.

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The allegations are recorded in a new book by journalist and radio personality Redi Tlhabi, titled 'Kwezi'.

According to a report by City Press, in her book Tlhabi recorded comments made by Kuzwayo about a meeting with a lawyer that was sent to her by Mkhize.

"Initially, he seemed to be objective and just talking and helpful, and then, towards the end of the conversation, he clearly said that he was advising that I should drop the charges, and when we finished talking, it was clear that I said to him that I was not dropping the charges," Tlhabi quotes Kuzwayo as saying, "He then just said that Malume Zweli would be surprised at the outcome of the meeting."

While Mkhize confirms that he arranged for a lawyer to meet with Kuzwayo, he insists he never gave any instruction of that nature.

"I told him (the lawyer) that he was going to meet with Sis Beauty (Kuzwayo's mother) and Fezeka who would give him the full background to this matter and he was required to provide them with legal advice and to guide them. At no point was the lawyer instructed to advise Fezeka to drop the charges," Mkhize says in his statement.

"As a husband and a father to my own daughters, I could never advocate for the dropping of charges against anyone accused of rape," he adds.

The ANC presidential hopeful says he offered his assitance to Kuzwayo and her family given their close proximity.

According to Mkhize, Kuzwayo's father Judson was among the first people he encountered in the ANC.

He says he later came to see "Fezeka as my daughter" as they lived as neighbours in Zimbabwe during the struggle.

Kuzwayo died in October last year.

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