‘Mommy please help me’ - Dros victim's mother recalls incident

‘Mommy please help me’ - Dros victim's mother recalls incident

The high court in Pretoria on Wednesday heard how the then 7-year-old victim called for her mother’s help on the day she was raped by Nicholas Ninow.

Nicholas Ninow
Pic: Sibahle Motha

Proceedings in the so-called Dros rape trial resumed on Wednesday morning when the victim and mother took to the stand.

The child, who was raped in the bathroom of a Dros restaurant in September 2018, gave her testimony in-camera.

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The mother then gave her version of events through a live audio feed to ensure that neither her nor the child's identify were compromised.

She told the court how she found the then 7-year old locked in the bathroom by Ninow, wearing only a bloodied skirt and no underwear or tights. 

"I called out her name but there was no response. I went back to where she was playing at the kiddies corner and she was not there. I asked the child minder where my child was. Myself and the child minder went to the toilet. I pushed the door of the middle toilet and called out her name. She said: ‘Mommy please help me’."

Court proceedings will resume on Thursday. 

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