Money and factions tearing ANC apart: Nxesi

Money and factions tearing ANC apart: Nxesi

SACP Deputy Chairperson Thulas Nxesi has decried the state of the ANC, saying factions have been created as the party readies itself for its elective conference in 2017. 

Nxesi says money and factions are tearing the party apart. 

Speaking at the NUM Youth Structure conference, Nxesi said each time the party heads for an elective conference, factions become apparent. 

Nxesi says tenders have divided the party. 

He says it's led to a situation where money is sent to branches to buy votes. 

"Factions, even if your faction is strong, they are never helpful. These factions spilling over to the provinces, to the regions and to the there is only one solution...whenever there are problems in a region, people are very quick to dissolve that region or that branch. They do not try to correct things, but dissolving to remove those so their own people can come in. In some instances they start suspending strong candidates," says Nxesi.

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