Motshekga: Schools with functioning SGBs perform better

Motshekga: Schools with functioning SGBs perform better

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga says functioning school governing bodies play a pivotal role in the performance of schools.

Angie Motshekga

Motshekga spoke at the launch of elections for school governing bodies in Pretoria on Monday morning. 

"There is a correlation between engaged SGBs and school success, and this is undeniable because schools with great SGBs who participate in the work of the schools have an average of 20% higher performance compared to those schools where there is lower engagement with parents,” the minister said. 

Elections will be held at schools across the country from the start of March. 

The minister urged parents to take the elections seriously, saying the consistent support of school governing bodies led to an improvement in the performance of schools. 

"Despite the undeniable importance of SGBs, the turnout has been very low and has created a lot of difficulties because parents would call me and say, 'In my children's school, the fees are up'. It is a matter that they should have discussed in the school governing process, which is normally your parents' meeting. 

“You find other parents not bothered and when decisions are taken for them, they would be the first to scream to say fees have been sent up and they have not been consulted,” said Motshekga.


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