New minimum wage for domestic workers
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New minimum wage for domestic workers

Labour Minister Mildred Oilphant has announced a raise in the minimum wage for domestic workers.

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The adjustment came into effect on December 3. 

The minimum wage for domestic workers who work in rural areas and small town will be adjusted to R16,69 hourly and R2 669 monthly for employees who work 27 hours weekly or less. Employees who work more the 27 ordinary hours should be paid R13,69 weekly and R2669,24 monthly.

 In metropolitan cities wages will be adjusted to R 14,72 weekly and R 1721,81 monthly for employees who work less than 27 hours a week. Domestic workers who work more than 27 hours should be paid R 12,47 hourly and R 2431 monthly.

 “Workers need to make sure at the end of December their salaries meet the requirements of the adjusted minimum wage for domestic workers, if not they must report it to the department of labour,” says chief director at labour relations, Thembikosi Mkalipi.


He says inspectors at the department ensure workers receive the adjusted amount.

“All workers are protected by the constitution, therefor it doesn’t matter if you are South African or not, here illegally or legally, if you are employed as an employee in the domestic sector you are intitled to the adjusted salary.”

 The domestic worker sector currently earns below the proposed national minimum wage of R20.


The new domestic workers minimum wage rate will be applicable until the 30 of November next year.

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