Nkwinti accuses EFF of "playing political"

Nkwinti accuses EFF of playing "political games"

Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti has accused the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of playing politics with the land debate. 


Speaking at a press briefing in Cape Town on Tuesday morning, Nkwinti said the EFF is "being smart".  

"They were there when the ANC took a resolution on land reform - remember the EFF comes from the ANC so they were  part of the ANC when we took that resolution," he said.

Last month the EFF tabled a motion in Parliament calling for the Constitution to be amended, in order to accelerate land transformation.  

"They were smart, politically, when they did that. That is a matter that we really should disperse with," he said.

Nkwinti: Government is making headway on land reform

He announced that several bills on land reform have been released for public comment and invited South Africans to join in on the debate.

The minister added that there is no such thing as willing buyer willing seller and that people need to join in on the land reform debate and that he has been mandated with looking at various laws and provisions. 

Nkwinti said the new bill will seeks to implement resolutions taken by the ruling party during its Mangaung conference and that no one will grab land.

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