No loadshedding expected on Friday

No loadshedding expected on Friday

Embattled power utility Eskom has announced that there will be no loadshedding on Friday.

Manhattan blackout
Photo: AFP The sun sets behind 42nd Street in Manhattan during a power outage in New York City on July 13, 2019. Subway stations plunged into darkness and the billboards of Times Square suddenly flicked off as Manhattan was hit by a power outage.

This is the third consecutive day that South African will not experience the rolling black outs implemented by the cash-strapped entity.

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Eskom last implemented stage 1 loadshedding on Tuesday evening.

Spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha cautions that the risk of load shedding still remains. 

"Even though there are many improvements, we do urge the people of South Africa to use electricity sparingly." 

" We have quite a few, 7000 megawatts of capacity out on planned maintenance and our breakages are just over 9800 megawatts, which quite an improvement. " 

As for the rest of the week end, Mantshantsha says a decision will be taken later on Friday. 

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