Non-paying residents could be without power & water over Christmas, Joburg warns

Non-paying residents could be without power & water over Christmas, Joburg warns

The City of Johannesburg on Wednesday promised to make good on its threat to cut water and electricity supply to customers who continue to default on their payments.  

City Power clamps down on illegal connections in Roodepoort
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Spokesperson Nyaniso Jeku says the city aims to recoup R52 billion from defaulting customers.  

Last month, the city threatened to cut water and electricity supply to communities that continue to put the lives of their workers at risk. 

The city claims some customers intimidate and refuse Johannesburg Water employees access to their meters. 

City Power has also threatened that it would not hesitate to remove technicians from areas which they consider to be unsafe. 

This follows several incidents of employees being robbed of their valuables.  

Jeku warned that defaulters may find themselves without electricity and water during the coming festive season. 

“Revenue collection is the backbone of the city to enable sustained service delivery to better the lives of more than 6 million residents who depend daily on the availability of municipal services in Johannesburg. High defaulting properties are on the city’s red list and earmarked for service termination due to perpetual non-payment".

“There are serious repercussions that come with the termination of the supply of water and or electricity, which include associated additional costs to the customer. Once services have been cut off, the owner must contact the city for a reconnection request.”

He said non-payment affects the city’s ability to maintain its infrastructure. 

“The more than 900 000 properties in Johannesburg need to be supplied with water, electricity, refuse removal and functioning sewage system. The infrastructure used for bulk services requires maintenance. All of this will not be possible if the city does not have money.”


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