Paarl road rage pair wash each other's feet

Paarl road rage pair wash each other's feet

Now this is an alternative way to bury the hatchet.

Paarl road rage wash feet

In a rather unusual twist of events the two men involved in a road rage incident in Paarl have come together to perform a reconciliation ritual by washing each other's feet and praying together.


The two have decided to let bygones be bygones. 


The video of the reconciliation video is titled 'Forgiveness. That's the punchline'.

The video of the road rage incident went viral on Monday.


In the video of the Paarl road rage ordeal, Marius Geldenhuys accused Egan Vorster of not maintaining the correct following distance.

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He then proceeded to grab a pick-handle, threatening to hit Vorster and allegedly calling him a hotnot.


Geldenhuys can also be heard saying: "Ek sal jou f**k** dood bliksem."

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

The video of the road rage ordeal has been viewed 875 447 times and shared 901 times.

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