Polokwane church burnt amid ‘satanism’ accusations

Polokwane church burnt amid ‘satanism’ accusations

A house and a church belonging to a woman who claims to be a prophet has been set alight by angry community members in Dzimauli, east of Polokwane, after she allegedly kidnapped a girl and forced her to abandon her studies.

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The church was burnt on Tuesday morning by members of the community who were angry at what they believed to be “satanic” practices.

Mutale police said the community turned against the woman after she refused to release a child who went to her church.

It is alleged that the pastor refused to release the child to her biological parents and police were called to rescue the child who was apparently parading half naked.

“What happened on Monday evening is that the community demanded that the pastor should leave their village because she is practicing satanism,” said police spokesperson warrant officer Tshilidzi Nyambeni.

“They then on Tuesday torched the house and stood and watch as drama was unfolding,” add Nyambeni.

“We took her and her children to a safe place.”

The mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the girl child, was grateful for police intervention.

“We went there and the woman refused to release her, and we then went to police. They drove with us to the house and we found them covered in blankets half naked,” said the mother.

She said the child was taken to health centre where she was found to be dehydrated.

“When you hold her she wants to jump at you and bite you, we suspect something has been done, her behaviour has changed completely,” the mother said. “We fought because she wants to use our child and even force her out of school.”

Nyambeni confirmed that they had taken the child from the woman.

However, no arrest had yet been made in connection with an arson or kidnapping case.


File photo: Gallo Images

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