Post Office: Post your Christmas gifts now

Post Office: Post your Christmas gifts now

The South African Post Office (SAPO) is urging South Africans to start posting their Christmas parcels if they want them to arrive on time for Christmas.

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Sapo spokesperson, Johan Kruger, says there's always an increase in mailing volume this time of year.

"Although in South Africa we are pretty much up to date with the dispatch of items to other countries, items that come into the country have to go through quite a complicated clearance procedures and it's best to send them now if you want make sure your Christmas gifts gets to its destination on time.”

Kruger says all air mail items - to anywhere in the world - should be posted no later than 1 December, while sea mail should be posted before 31 October.

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All items around Africa should also be posted before 1 December.

"If you’re sending them to countries bordering South Africa then you've got to post them by 8 December," Kruger adds.

He urges that items should be put in a strong box as to make sure that the items arrive in one piece.

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