Psychologist questions need for Dros rape survivor to testify

Psychologist questions need for Dros rape survivor to testify

While prosecutors are proud of the 8-year-old Dros rape survivor, who bravely told the high court in Pretoria what had happened to her in September last year, a child psychologist feels she should not have been made to relive the trauma.

Nicholas Ninow
Pic Courtesy: Sibahle Motha

In the trial of self-confessed rapist Nicholas Ninow, the little girl, who was 7-years-old at the time, testified in camera on Wednesday.

Her mother then took the stand.  

The Teddy Bear Clinic's Shaheda Omar questioned whether it was necessary for the child to retell her nightmare after Ninow confessed to the crime.

"This is secondary trauma and secondary victimisation. The courts are confusing issues here. The alleged perpetrator confessed, an admission of guilt regarding the rape and there was corroborating evidence," said Omar.

"The child has been subjected to further trauma."

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But prosecutors have a different view.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s Phindi Mjonondwane said the child did everything in her power to rebut Ninow's version of events.

"We wish to commend the child, she did very well in her testimony to try and rebut the version that was placed before the court by the accused in his plea explanation where he said the child found him in the bathroom.

"The child has given a different version of what the accused has said in court."

The Teddy Bear Clinic is an organisation that helps abused children.

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