Ramaphosa alarmed by substance abuse among youth

Ramaphosa alarmed by substance abuse among youth

President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed concern over the prevalence of drug abuse among the youth.

school kids at the Youth day celebration
National Youth Day celebrations

Substance abuse and gang-related activities have been linked to several deadly incidents involving school children across the country. 

"Drugs such as nyaope, such as cocaine and many others are fueling violence, crime, suicide and risky sexual behaviour,” Ramaphosa said. 

Ramaphosa delivered the keynote address at the national Youth Day commemoration in Polokwane on Sunday. 

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The president vowed to mobilise society behind the National Drug Masterplan.

The plan forms part of government's legislation on the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

"It is hoped this plan will reduce the demand for drugs, cut off their supply and ultimately free our young people from the harm that they cause," said Ramaphosa.

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