Ramaphosa: Many communities retreating to background of national life

Ramaphosa: Many communities retreating to background of national life

President Cyril Ramaphosa has lamented the fact that many communities no longer actively participate in the country’s politics.

Ramaphosa: Many communities retreating to background of national life
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Ramaphosa attended an Eid prayer service in Laudium on Thursday morning to mark the end of Ramadan.

The president called on the Muslim community to contribute to the building of a better South Africa. 

“It is regrettable that over the years, many of our once vibrant, politically active communities have retreated into the background of our national life. 

“Much of our politics has come to be defied by eternal squabbles and, regrettably, by racial and other forms of chauvinism. This has led some of these communities to question their place in South Africa today.

“As the African National Congress, our message to you is that your country needs you and looks upon you. Join us in rebuilding South Africa. Our democracy was built through the actions of patriotic men and women of different races, classes, and political affiliations. They were united by a common goal, and it is this spirit that we must channel today.”

Ramaphosa reiterated South Africa’s stance against racism and discrimination. 

“We know that for Muslims in Sudan, Yemen, Syria and many other countries in conflict and war, there is little cheer this Eid. For many of them, the sacred month of Ramadan has been one of pain, anguish, tears, death and suffering.

“In occupied Palestine and the Gaza Strip, men, women, and children are being driven from their homes, bombed, tortured, starved and killed. After more than seven decades of discrimination, oppression and apartheid, the Palestinian people of Gaza are now faced with genocide.

“We will not sit back, our arms folded, as another genocide is perpetrated in our lifetime, regardless of the race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs of the victims. As South Africans, we will forever stand firmly for justice everywhere,” added Ramaphosa.        


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