Reporting for #CountryDuty - a campaign for change
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Reporting for #CountryDuty - a campaign for change

Social media has transformed from being a tool merely used to connect with friends to a platform for raising awareness about day-to-day issues, politics and criminal activity.

Tumi Sole Interview
Nathan Daniels

A lawyer by day and social media activist by night, Tumi Sole is the founder and creator of #CountryDuty. 

The 33-year-old  Wits masters student is someone who is passionate about social justice. Sole has taken it upon himself to fight for justice using social media. 

For him, #CountryDuty is not only a social media awareness initiative which asks unpopular questions, but also solution-driver campaign that allows ordinary people to raise their voices. Sole says in essence #CountryDuty is about accountability.

Sole sat down with Jacaranda FM News reporter Slindelo Masikane to discuss the birth of #CountryDuty.

Tumi Sole
Sibahle Motha

1. What is #CountryDuty and how did it come about?

2. Would you consider yourself a social activist?

"Yes I would. But I feel I am only doing my duty if we look at social media as a tool for effective change. It is doing exactly what  #BlackLivesMatter is doing in the USA. At the end of the day it is about doing what's right and I am not doing this alone. It is everyone who uses the hashtag and drives debate."

3. Rumours around the private funding of #CountryDuty, is this true?

4. Does your political affiliation influence what you tweet about?

"My political affiliation is not linked to #CountryDuty. I believe if it did the hashtag would lose its legitimacy. #CountryDuty is active citizenry. It is non-partisan (and) it speaks about racial issues and social ills on social platforms and holds government to account. The hashtag receives 8 million impressions monthly."

5. What is the most perfect act of country duty? 

"For me - a solution-driven outcome. A perfect example is the KFC assault case. It is uncomfortable and speaks to issues which weren't addressed when we transitioned in this country. It makes people have uncomfortable discussions, opening up the debate. Another example is the KZN school assault. After I posted the video the Department of Education and the police intervened. However, this young man in the matter needs help and sending him to jail won't be ideal.

The latest video of the attempted hit-and-run on the highway that's gone viral is brilliant. Motorists stopped the driver that tried to get away. People are calling it an act of country duty. It is the most perfect act of country duty - when citizens take action." 

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