SACP leadership expected to remain unchanged

SACP leadership expected to remain unchanged

The South African Communist Party's (SACP) leadership is expected to remain largely unchanged, with General Secretary Blade Nzimande set to stay at the helm of the party. 

SACP Congress_jacs
Photo: Maryke Vermaak

Party leaders held a media briefing ahead of the first day of its national congress. 


Deputy General Secretary Jeremy Cronin made it clear that he will not be standing for re-election.


"It's been a difficult choice for me and I think it is for all of us, because I think all of us recognise it's very important for any political party - but particularly ours - to ensure there is renewal and that we bring in fresh blood," says Cronin.


Second Deputy Secretary General Solly Mapaila says the rest of the leadership is available to stand for positions,  depending on how delegates vote.


Mapaila stressed that for the sake of party unity, he would not be competing with Nzimande for the party's top spot.


Nzimande says despite wanting to join Cronin in stepping down, it might not be the best move to rock the boat in such challenging times.


"Do you change or not change leadership when the truck is going down a slippery slope at a high speed? Do you change or not? That is the issue," Nzimande says.

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