Spur will not release CCTV footage of play area

Spur will not release CCTV footage of play area

Spur has released a statement saying it won't release CCTV footage of the play area at the Texamo Spur branch in Johannesburg.


People have been calling for the footage to be made public, saying they want to see the interaction between two children which allegedly led to the altercation between a man and woman in the family restaurant at the weekend.

A video of the altercation went viral.

Spur's response comes a day after it released CCTV footage of the altercation, which shows the man grabbing the woman's child.

"We will not be releasing the footage of the play area as it includes numerous other children. 

"We have, however, reviewed CCTV footage from three cameras in the play canyon. 

"In the footage we are able to see that the children are in the same vicinity as each other, however, we cannot conclude from the footage that an altercation occurred. 

"The CCTV footage in the Play Canyon is also being viewed by the media," Spur says.

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