Trevor Noah welcomed in Parliament

Trevor Noah welcomed in Parliament

Comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah was welcomed by President Cyril Ramaphosa as his special guest in Parliament on Thursday.

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Before responding to the oral questions from members of parliament, Ramaphosa asked MPs to welcome the international star.

"Honourable speaker, it's a real joy to welcome Trevor Noah among us, over there," the president said to applause and whistling.

"Trevor, I never get this type of applause, so I am jealous," Ramaphosa joked.

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"We welcome Trevor, he's come for an assignment but he's come home as well. I had a moment to chat to him about his work. I was particularly impressed about the foundation that he's set up to work on education which is run by one of his colleagues, Charlene, so we applaud him for ploughing back into the country once again.”

Ramaphosa says Noah promised to make a few jokes at his expense.

"But he's also here to come and look at me and all of you to make fun of me, he's promised that he's going to make fun of me.”

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