Tropical storm Dineo's path of destruction

Tropical storm Dineo's path of destruction

Tropical storm Dineo has caused damage to infrastructure, roads and houses after it hit the Inhambane area in Mozambique late yesterday.

Cyclone Dineo Mozambique Twitter

Photos and videos of the ex-cyclone were posted on social media showing the magnitude of the storm as well as the destruction it left in its wake.


Power lines, trees and sheets of corrugated iron were strewn across roads while lodges along the coastline have been flooded.


The government of Mozambique has indicated that once the storm has passed, they will do a damage assessment and offer aid to those affected by the storm.

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Meanwhile, the South African Weather Service says the tropical storm will move in an easterly direction and will hit parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga by late afternoon.


They have issued a warning of heavy rain that will last up until Saturday with the possibility of flash floods in the area.


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