Tshwane to go ahead with street name changes

Tshwane to go ahead with street name changes

The City of Tshwane has been given the green light to officially change the names of 25 streets in Pretoria. 


The Constitutional Court on Thursday upheld an appeal by the city against an interim High Court order to halt the process and to keep the 25 apartheid-era street names alongside the new street names of those who fought for freedom. 

AfriForum challenged the removal in the High Court on the basis that the city failed to facilitate a proper public participation process and to observe the principle of legality.

The city's Blessing Manale said they are rejoiced by the ruling.

"Initially, AfriForum challenged the name changes on the basis that they were unprocedural and that the city must keep two name or dual display of names until the matter has been resolved. The matter has now been laid to rest and we look forward to the bigger issue of the name of the city being resolved in the future," Manale said.

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