Vaccine mandates in churches will create divisions - federation

Vaccine mandates in churches will create divisions - federation

The International Federation of Christian Churches has expressed its disappointment at the new amendments to the Covid-19 regulations.

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The amendments were announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week.

Pastor Giet Khosa, who is the federation’s secretary-general, says they are now being forced to police congregants’ vaccination status.

“We are not happy because it is wrong to force vaccinations, we can encourage people to vaccinate. Also, how will we control the system of valid vaccine cards, how will we know if this is a fraudulent vaccine certificate? The government wants us to be the police of vaccines.

“Also, when you tell someone to not come to church because they are not vaccinated you are taking their constitutional right to choose to worship whatever they want to believe in.”

Khosa says the federation welcomes the 50% capacity for the Easter holidays.

“We will not turn away people because they are not vaccinated, we do not want to divide people based on vaccinated and unvaccinated you create divisions amongst the congregants.”

A number of companies have been implementing mandatory vaccination policies as part of the fight against Covid-19.


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