Whistleblowers’ lives always at risk - Corruption Watch

Whistleblowers’ lives always at risk - Corruption Watch

A senior researcher at Corruption Watch says the issue of whistleblowers’ safety is still not taken seriously enough by government.

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This comes after it emerged that security agency officials are investigating death threats made against Phindile Baleni, who is a director-general in the Presidency.

The Presidency said on Saturday she  found a note accompanied by a bullet in her mailbox at home.

The letter demands that Baleni stop the investigation into the killing of whistleblower Babita Deokaran.

Corruption Watch senior researcher Melusi Ncala says history has shown that whistleblowers’ lives are always at risk.

"Any threat towards a whistleblower is of great concern. In South Africa, and it's mainly due to an exploitation and laws, but also just matters of whistleblowers not being taken seriously enough."

"It should be something that should be viewed in a very serious light and attended as such."


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