Whose budget will be delivered tomorrow?

Whose budget will be delivered tomorrow?

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says it's difficult to establish whose budget will be delivered in Parliament tomorrow.

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Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will deliver his much anticipated Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) amid mounting pressure.


Mathekga, who is a former Treasury official, says the budget must be viewed in light of the rift between Gordhan and President Jacob Zuma.


"Usually the Finance Minister prepares the budget for the President, for the head of cabinet, so that they can implement policy. Treasury doesn't actually implement, it funds policy. If you have this division between the President and Treasury regarding what the priorities are, then it means you can look forward to a disastrous restrained budget," says Mathekga.


This while Gordhan is facing a legal battle.


The Finance Minister is expected to appear in court on a charge of fraud next week.


ANC stalwart Sipho Pityana has called on South Africans to attend a prayer day on 1 November against state capture.


Pityana told JacarandaFM's The Complimentary Breakfast that he does not think the man on the street understands the full impact of what is happening in the country's politics.


"I don't think the decision on whether Zuma goes or not is dependent on a decision by Zuma or by the ANC. His handlers have a lot to say about that," says Pityana.

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