Women in Ministry demand end to 'patriarchal attitudes' in church
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Women in Ministry demand end to 'patriarchal attitudes' in church

The Women in Ministry Consultation of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa says the church cannot point fingers at other organisations and individuals and not hold themselves to the same standard.

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The ministry marched in Johannesburg on Friday in response to Reverend Vukile Mehana's comments about women in the church.

In a recording that surfaced in December, Mehana is heard speaking in a denigrating manner about the role of women in the church, suggesting that being a woman makes a person incapable of performing the role.

Speaking in Johannesburg on Friday, Reverend Nompithizelo Sibhidla said the church can no longer sweep its shortcomings under the carpet.

"The church, yes, is part of society and issues affecting society will also affect the church, but because of the principle and values we adhere to as a church we cannot dance to the tune of business as usual," Sibhidla said.

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Woman in Ministry has asked the church to implement resolutions that are pro-women.

"That 40-40-20 - which has been passed by the 2018 conference - be implemented as a matter of urgency by a electing women clergy's as leaders at connection and district level starting this year. That all policy documents including constitutions of organisations be reviewed to reflect adherence to the books of order and commitment to transformation and equality." 

The women have called on bishops have open conversations, workshops and seminars for Methodists to address patriarchal attitudes.

"And this has to be reported to conference annually. And if the bishop is not what doing what he's supposed to do then there should be consequence management." 

Sibhidla said the church has an opportunity to fix patriarchal issues.


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