Zandspruit residents descend on police station

Zandspruit residents descend on police station

Thousands of Zandspruit residents were waiting outside the Honeydew police station in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning to hand over their memorandum of grievances.

Zandspruit residents at police station protest_jacanews
Photo: Maryke Vermaak, JacarandaFM News

"Give us service, that's what we need. No fighting, nothing. We just want power...We vote for you, give us power. We are going to pay, that's it. No fighting, but they don't listen to us. According to me, I don't see that democracy," one resident said.

Eskom disconnected all illegal electricity connections in the area and residents are now demanding to be connected to the grid.

Beyers Naudé and Marine Drive were closed with a heavy police presence monitoring the situation.

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