Zille: Protesting students must obey the law

Zille: Protesting students must obey the law

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille believes police are doing their best to quell student protests.

Helen Zille
File photo

She spoke to JacarandaFM's The Complimentary Breakfast about yesterday's protests outside parliament.

Police used stun grenades and fire rubber bullets to disperse protesting students. 

"I am not one of the people who is criticising the police, because it is an absolute miracle that someone hasn't died in these protests yet, if you just follow the footage," Zille said.

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Zille says she understands the students' frustration about university fees, but says we also have to understand that if we destroy the rule of law, we have nothing.

"We won't have jobs, we won't have a growing economy, and we won't have a future for anyone. While I will strongly defend the right to protest, we have to do so within the law. The law and constitution is all we've got," Zille said.

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