YOUTH VOICES: Luke Greyling

YOUTH VOICES: Luke Greyling

Disability? No you mean THIS ABILITY!

Luke Greyling Youth Voices
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Those are the words of 19 year-old Luke Greyling who is from Pietermaritzburg and has a spinal condition called Spina Bifida.


Greyling always loved the sound of music and was inspired by movies like Step Up.


Its because of his love for music that he taught himself to dance to the beat. 


He says it was not easy. At first he had to strengthen his upper body to handle the weight of his lower half. 

The teenager became an inspiration to many in 2012 when he entered SA's Got Talent - stunning the audience and judges with his ability.


He ended the season, grabbing third place, and has gone on to other events showcasing his talent and inspiring people along the way. 


Greyling is now studying Drama at UKZN's Pietermaritzburg campus. He says he aims to change the way people think and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to achieving it. 


ECR Newswatch's Chanelle Lutchman spoke to Greyling.

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