Are 'Gautengers' impatient when on holiday?

Are 'Gautengers' impatient when on holiday?

When it comes to going on holiday to other provinces within South Africa, you might just need to adjust to the climate of how things operate...

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People in Gauteng are known to move fast.

The hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and Pretoria are known to keep many on their toes, whether it be general living or going to work and pushing to secure that next big deal. 

So when it comes to going on holiday in another province, things can become a tad frustrating for some, especially when it comes to traffic or customer service.

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Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake have both had frustrating experiences while on holiday and shared them earlier on Wednesday. 

More so, our Whatsapp inbox was filled with many listeners who resonated with the team.

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