Martin and Tumi have had a number of 'challenging' times

Martin and Tumi have had a number of 'challenging' times

Breakfast show hosts Martin and Tumi have had their fair share of challenges over the last few months, but there were those that had us laughing throughout...

image video martin and tumi face fears at crocodile park

If they aren't keeping us entertained on air, they're always out and about doing something daring that ends up having us roll on the floor from laughter. 

One thing they love to do, is challenge each other, even if that means daring each other to face their fears. 

The two headed out to Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park earlier this year and pushed the limits as they flew over croc-infested water. 

It was hilarious! 

With 2017 being a very 'social media focused' year as some would say, a number of personalities made their mark on the industry using social media. 

Popular socialite and online personality, Zodwa Wabantu, who constantly makes headlines for her outrageous red carpet appearances, took to Instagram with the most-bizarre video.

In what seems to be a video of her thanking her fans for the support, the video abruptly ends with the word 'Vaseline'. Weird, right? 

Well, of course we had to get Martin and Tumi in on the action and this is their attempt at the #ZodwaWabantuChallenge...

Remember the Ariana Grande stool challemge that took social media by storm? 

Internet users and Ariana fans were completely confused and many, just like our breakfast show hosts and Twitter user Jesse McLaren, are trying the '#ArianaGrandeStoolChallenge'. 

Naturally, Martin and Tumi's attempts were 'interesting' to say the least...

@tumi_morake trying the #arianagrandestoolchallenge is HILARIOUS! 😂😂😂 #JacaBreakfast

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