Are you digitally prepared to die?

Are you digitally prepared to die?

There are a number of things you need to do to make sure your family and estate will be sorted before you die. More so, you need to make sure your 'digital persona' is deactivated.

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Did you know that you have a digital afterlife? 

Social media and other online accounts have become a massive part of our lives. However, due to the ever-increasing amount of online profiles, many are unable to deactivate the online accounts of those who have passed away due to passwords. 

Most of us have never thought of including the passwords to our online accounts in our will so that they can be deactivated once we have passed away. 

There are a number of Facebook profiles that are still active, even though the person has passed away. 

Sonja Smit, an undertaker, spoke to Martin and Tumi and revealed that "they reckon by the end of the century there will be more dead people on Facebook than living ones". Creepy, right?

Smit also spoke about how important it is to appoint someone to handle your online accounts and profiles, should you die. 

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