Ask the Kids: A highlight of 2017

Ask the Kids: A highlight of 2017

Martin and Tumi's 'Ask the Kids' feature delivered some heartwarming moments and most importantly, some great advice too!

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The year has been filled with many unforgettable moments that made us laugh, cry, think, and, of course, those moments that made us feel like one big family. 

One of the biggest highlights of the year was Martin and Tumi's 'Ask the Kids' feature. 

Each morning they would present the kids listening to the show with a question and ask for their advice. As young as some of them may be, they sure came prepared and held nothing back. 

Who could ever forget the day when a few children sold their parents out as they unashamedly blurted out to Martin and Tumi what their parents spend way too much money on...?

It was hilarious! 

These days, it's difficult to picture anyone, young or old, without a mobile device. 

However, at what age should children be allowed phones? What is too young and at what age are children responsible enough to be trusted with a mobile device?

Martin and Tumi posed the question to a few children and their parents:

Then, if that wasn't enough, we got a few children to tell us what their parents hate most about their jobs. No chill!

We hope none of their bosses were listening... 

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

Of course you do! You may not want others to know, but if you have a child, they have ears everywhere. 

Martin and Tumi asked a few of their younger listeners who their parents' celebrity crushes are and let's just say the children had some interesting answers.

One kid even sold his father out and revealed that his dad has a crush on Snotkop. After hearing this, Tumi couldn't stop laughing... 

Besides throwing their parents under the bus and making us laugh, they also shared some heartfelt, much-needed advice for the Springboks. 

Ahead of the big match against the French earlier this year, we shared some valuable advice from the little ones...

If these clips are anything to go by, we cannot wait to hear what the kids have to say in 2018!

You guys rock!

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